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Boudoir Ambassador Amanda

I first booked an empowerment session with Stef last March (2021) when I launched a group program for moms in my coaching business. I had been researching photographers in the area and wanted to make sure I found someone that could reflect the right “vibe,” for my branding. When I came across the Raw and Real Instagram page I knew instantly Stef was the person for the job. Her photos were not only ascetically pleasing, they also made me feel a certain way…

Strong Sexy Empowered All the things!

I’ve since had a few other sessions with Stef and I feel like each time I work with her, the photos show more of who I actually am.

I’m not the same person I was last March, or even last month! There were a lot of challenges sprinkled throughout this year. I left a really unhealthy relationship with my daughters father (they’re 2 and 4 years old) and there were so many times I questioned myself and my decision making. I didn’t yet understand that I’m so worthy and deserving of every single thing I desire, including a healthy relationship.

I had a pattern of surrounding myself with unaligned friends and intimate partners because it felt more comfortable than being alone and having to identify my own needs and desires. Once I was able to really take responsibility for this pattern (and for my life) so much healing happened. And now I get off on being alone and spending time with myself.

Part of what I love about having multiple photoshoots scheduled throughout the year is that you’re able to see yourself in a new way. Whatever perspective you’re wanting to call forward in your life, whether that’s more intimacy, self love, empowerment…. Its ALL possible. And there’s nothing quite like having it captured by someone else. That’s what photos do for me. I get to be whoever I want there’s so much freedom in that.

I’ll be forever grateful for this opportunity to be an ambassador, share a part of me not everyone gets to see, while connecting with other amazing women, so much love!

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