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Boudoir Ambassador Carley

Hey Everyone! I’m Carley. A 25 year old Mama, wedding planner and wife!

I met Stefanie when I wanted to do a Boudior session to give to my now husband for a wedding gift! What I didn’t know was that photo shoot was going to end up being the start of a WONDERFUL friendship.

I remember filling out her questionnaire and thinking really hard how comfortable I was going to be with it. Let’s just say I was SUPER UBER nervous. I brought a duffel bag full of stuff because I was so all over the place. I spent the next hour with two wonderful women who hyped me up from the moment I walked into the studio.

Fast forward, my wedding photographer fell through and I immediately knew what was needed. STEFANIE.

What this woman does with photography is incredible. My confidence after having my daughter was pretty low. All I kept hearing was , “you didn’t have a baby 3 month ago!” But deep down I had a hard time looking in the mirror, I have always been tiny, but having these extra pounds and stripes was all very new to me.

After my session, I will now PROUDLY wear my stripes.

Do yourself a favor. Get photos taken of you in your underwear. FOR YOU.

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