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Boudoir Ambassador Sam

Hello beautiful people,

I’m Sam. A little background about myself, I’m currently enrolled in school at Wayne State University, studying Mortuary Science! I’m an outgoing, and spontaneous person. I’m willing to try anything once. I take all the opportunities that I’m given and make the most of them!

I grew up in a small country town outside of Ann Arbor. I love doing all things outside from mudding, hiking, going to the range, and everything in between. I love all animals, if I could adopt and keep every single one of them I would in a heart beat.

I’ve struggled with my body for years starting back in middle school. I’ve always been the “bigger”girl. Constantly bullied for things I couldn’t physically change about myself. At such a young age I started to hate my body. Now as an adult I love everything about it. I love myself and everything this body has allowed me to accomplish.

At the young age of 21 I became victim to Domestic Violence. I’ve had to overcome being victimized by the court system for a year. I eventually gained my freedom from my abuser October 16, 2018. I use my experience to help other women regain their freedom, and help them through the difficult process. I’m proud of myself for getting through the difficulties, and now helping others achieve what I have now.

Now, I’m confident, and comfortable in my own skin. The ambassador shoot was the first time I did boudoir. I’ve wanted to be a part of something like this for such a long time. Working with Stefanie and all the wonderful women in the group was so refreshing. I left the day feeling absolutely amazing, and powerful. I love my body more now than I ever had before. Doing this was the best decision I have made, and I can’t wait to do more work with everyone! Working with these ladies brought me out of my comfort zone and made the process so comfortable as well as empowering. My drive home I couldn’t stop smiling, it was everything my soul needed after the struggling year we’ve all had during the pandemic.

Stefanie made the entire experience so comfortable since it was my first time! Making me feel beautiful in my own skin. Seeing the previews of the photos and how I felt about myself. I didn’t think I could look that good, but sure as hell, it brought out a whole new level of confidence. I feel like I can concur the world, and nothing can get in my way of what I want to achieve. I didn’t think a photo could give me that feeling.

I am forever grateful for the experience I’ve gained through this, and the friendships I’ve gained. Applying to the ambassador program was the best decision I made in all of 2021. Being able to share a side of me not everyone gets to see, confidence.

Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone has a great week! Take advantage of those opportunities that are out there and make the most of them!

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