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what to expect:

We're gonna get close, like... real close.

There are so many things we are going to do together during this experience, but one of the main things I want you to know is that I am here to hold your hand all the way. I will give you an ear or an opinion for any reason, wedding related or not. I will help, console, commiserate, laugh, hug, joke, have a WE DID IT drink with you. I WANT TO WALK WITH YOU THE ENTIRE WAY. Vendor recommendations? Your tense family dynamic? How to add pizzaz to your wedding? You will find that I am here to for ALL. THE. THINGS. Text/ call/ email/ send a carrier pigeon anytime.

 we will have at least 3 official meetings prior to the wedding. One for our initial consult to touch base and discuss where we are in planning, one about 6 months out and the last 6 weeks prior to the wedding where we hit every single bit of information. This is in addition to the million texts and emails we will share. One of the main things we will most definitely do together (Planner or no) is build that all important Timeline. 


Laura and Clayton_Stefanie Irene Photography-317
Laura and Clayton_Stefanie Irene Photography-14
Laura and Clayton_Stefanie Irene Photography-212
Intimate Garden Wedding Raw and Real Photo
Stefanie Irene Photography Midwest Backyard Wedding-88
Brooke and Parker Etre Farms sneak peek-75
Stefanie Irene Photography Midwest Backyard Wedding-89
Brooke and Parker Engagement-192
Northern Michigan Lakeside Wedding-6

the thing about me is...

I fucking love my people.

I burn palo santo before all my sessions and set intentions, I'm barefoot every chance I get, and I'll inevitably let some cuss words fly. I'll cry during your vows, and cheer louder than you'd probably expect.

I couldn't give two shits what grandma or your sister wants, what so and so did for their wedding, or if you follow any tradition whatsoever, unless it's truly what you w is important to you. I will hold your lipstick, keys, wallet, phone, have kleenex on hand, and help you pee in the field (yep, that actually happened.) I'm here for the love, the wildly passionate, the ones who live life unapologetically.

I will literally be the third wheel in your relationship. You and me? We're bonded together now, for life.

things to remember

The dress is beautiful but it has to touch the ground.

all wedding dresses get filthy dirty on the bottom. it’s a fact.


Test run your makeup.

seriously. and don’t go crazy with it if you’re not a make up person


Weddings are famously never on time.

breathe. embrace it. your day was already written before it began.


Things might not go the way you planned.

rain and wind are romantic


your investment

this is your party, spend your money in ways that are most important to you.

Gay and John Santa Rosa Wedding-362.jpg

intimate weddings

for celebrations with 50 guests or less

starting at...

feel the love, literally. I can't think of any better way to celebrate than with your chosen family. all you need to do is enjoy your day, be fiercely present and soak in every moment. I'll make sure you can relive every feeling for the rest of your lives.

*I will have limited availability for weddings with a guest count larger than 50, so if this is you, lets chat anyway!



prefer to spend the day together doing activities that you enjoy? me too. wanna hike a mountain and catch the sunrise while saying private vows, and have a picnic on the way down? sweet. wanna have the lowest of low key airbnb stays in someplace that means a lot to you? wanna wake up and make breakfast with your lover before professing your love to each other? wanna end the day in the hot tub? wonderful. there's no right or wrong way to get married, so lets plan something epic.

starting at...

destination, travel, + adventure

when it comes to everything considered destination  (ie anything outside the cont. US) or adventure (like national parks hikes) your investment its going to depend heavily on what exactly you'd like to do and how you want your day to look. these types of sessions will be quoted on a case by case basis.


engagement + lifestyle

whether it's a milestone moment, or just another day, your life deserves to be documented and preserved. everything you do is a work of art, so start romanticizing your life. you don't have to save that bottle of champagne for a special occasion, the fact that you're here is a special occasion.

starting at...

ever thought about special add ons like...
           day of boudoir 
                spicy honeymoon sessions
                             and the day after?

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